Arkham Knight Review

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive

Game Developer: Rocksteady Games

Genre: Action Adventure

Release Date: June 23rd 2015

In 2009 Rocksteady Games released Arkham Asylum and set a new standard for superhero games.  The combat system with the countering was smooth and awesome, they used a form of Assassins Creed controls and brought it to the next level.  Bringing in Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker was a stroke of genious as both actors are regarded highly for their voice work and their portrayal of their respective characters for the animated medium.  The game has expanded in scope throughout the series, progressing from the claustrophobic confines of Arkham Asylum to the free flying open world’s of Arkham City and Arkham Knight.  

Arkham Knight picks up where Arkham City left off.  The story and character development this time around is the games strong point.  Adding in Batman’s most recognizable sidekicks and allies as somewhat playable characters and providing interesting side quest dialog. 

Unfortunately the game seemed to stumble out of the gate, being plagued with production problems on their limited edition sets.   I had pre-ordered their fancy limited edition with the Batman statue but when I got notice that it would be delayed a month or so due to defects in the box I cancelled my order and just got a digital copy.   They also had problems with the batmobile edition and apparently having issues with the batmobile itself.  That wasn’t their only issues however as the game was rife with bugs and was virtually unplayable for PC users.  I got the X Box One edition and even that is super glitchy, to this day my game and X Box freezes at least once a game session and is the only game on my X Box to do so. 

The highly touted batmobile that Rocksteady Games added to this game wasn’t fun at all, and for a character who can zip and fly across the sky when you are forced to to clunky batmobile missions that slows the game play down to a crawl and offers nothing but repetitive missions where you spend your time dodging and waiting for your cannon to charge up in battle mode left me gritting my teeth when I was forced into the batmobile.  For whatever reason the coolest part of the game, predator mode had been reduced to a minor, very small portion of the gaming experience so that they could seemingly shoehorn in the aggravating batmobile. 

Next up is the DLC content, the extra costumes and vehicle skins are nice but the missions that I purchased a seasons pass for are ridiculous. The Harley Quinn DLC lasted maybe five to ten minutes, Batgirl was alright at half an hour or so and the Red Hood shorter then Harley Quinns was such a disappointment. 

I know I’m ragging on the game and the studios and overall I did enjoy it but I was expecting so much more.  Do I recommend the game? I suppose but I would suggest to wait a year or so for it to go on sale as it’s the worst in the series and that even includes Arkham Origins… But don’t get it twisted, it’s still a good game by AAA gaming standards. 

So hey Rocksteady Games, if you are going to charge full price for a game, how about you release a finished product first? Hire a quality control team and so some beta tests cuz this was ridiculous. 

Thanks for reading my review/rant of one my favourite franchises that took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. 

Brandon “Professor Pyg” Taylor 

P. S. This is my first time writing a review on my phone so I’m not sure how it will turn out. *fingers crossed*