DeWalt DCD776 18v XR combi hammer drill unboxing

This is my unboxing video of a bare DeWalt DCD776 combi hammer drill, this means it’s supplied without batteries, chargers and on most occasions no kit box, but luckily enough in this case it came with one, which is nice as i like to have all my tools (especially the expensive ones) in a kit box so they are protected from the elements while moving them around from place to place.

This particular drill is from the 18v XR range, meaning it can accept any of the XR Li ion batteries, this is a very good thing, as you can generally purchase the bare units cheaply rather than the expensive kits with batteries and chargers included which push the price up considerably.

Its got 15 torque settings for when you are using it as a driver, then it has drill mode for when you’re drilling into say wood or metal and hammer mode for drilling into masonry. I’ve not given it a functional test yet but usually i don’t really rate small combi drills for drilling through brick etc. I usually use my SDS drill for those purposes or a mains powered hammer drill.

As you can see when i was opening the box i had a little surprise, I found a brand new Goodyear ratchet and bit set! Must have been chucked in as a deal when i purchased it!!

The kit box holds two spare batteries, one fitted onto the drill and a charger, the box has two strong metal latches and a hole to fit a padlock should you wish to lock your precious DeWalt drill. The kit box is generally strong and will protect your equipment from the elements and from drops, I wouldn’t like to say how high and no i’m not going to test it either!!

The DCD776 seems generally a solid drill with good/excellent reviews, so i don’t think you could go wrong buying one of these, you can purchase one of these with a kit box, battery and charger for £84 from Amazon or you can buy the bare unit like i have (minus the Goodyear set) for £32 from the following link

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