DeWalt DCR006 XR Bluetooth Radio, unboxing & set up

Here’s a video of me unboxing and setting up a DeWalt DCR006 Bluetooth Speaker powered by XR Lithium Ion batteries.

Its a very light weight unit, not in any way heavy, it has rubber around the speaker to protect from shocks in case it’s dropped, you have an aux port so you can plug in non Bluetooth devices if required, it works with any bluetooth device but in my example i use an iPhone 6s with iTunes.

Setting up is easy peasy, you turn your devices bluetooth on, turn on the unit, press the bluetooth button on top, it’ll then flash rapidly, you then can find it in your bluetooth services section, click on it to pair, then you’re connected! It’s that easy! You then flash up your music software (in my case iTunes) then away you go, you can alter the volume on your device or on the speaker itself.

Any cons? Yes there is the matter of the 10.8v battery, when you want to release the battery to recharge or store the unit perhaps, the release button is awkward to operate, not a biggy but annoying all the same, the second is the lack of any mains power option, this can only be operated by XR batteries and third is the sound quality isn’t as good as some i’ve heard, so you’re getting what you pay for regards the sound, but all the same it’s good enough for a worksite and it’s compact and light enough to take anywhere in your tool bag/box.

If you want to buy this you can buy it from Amazon on the following link, recently these have gone down in price, at time of writing this was £46 from Amazon!! Cheap as chips!


Overall a well made speaker, light, compact, with rubber bumpers to protect against drops, it also has an aux jack if you don’t have a bluetooth device to hand, it’s let down by access to remove 10.8v batteries, the lack of any mains power option and also the sound quality could be a lot better, but you get what you pay for! I think 3 stars is a fair score, it would have had 4 if there was a mains power option for users with no XR batteries.