Dewalt DCV582 14.4/18v XR Wet & Dry Vacuum

This is my unboxing and demo video of the Dewalt DCV582 14.4/18v XR Wet/Dry Vacuum. I hope you like it! Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you see!

In this video i unbox it for the first time, it came through the post literally 30 mins before i made the video, i then give it a real life test on my car, putting it through some dry vacuuming and some wet for a full test of it’s functionality. None of this was staged it’s all real and genuine. I do apologise for some sound problems during filming, I hope doesn’t affect your viewing pleasure too much!

Overall i’d give this a good 9/10, the only bad points i could say are the fact you can’t check the battery power level without taking the battery out and turning it around, plus i’d probably say a longer vacuum hose would be a big benefit, it was just too short for a few of the jobs which due to it’s lightweight nature would just pull the unit over or detach the accessories on the end of the hose when it pulled tight. Of course the last point is price, it’s a very expensive unit and you can get the results with cheaper, but would they be as good quality?? Now for the good points, you have the option should your battery run out, to plug into the mains and use it on a 240v supply, it’s powerful enough for general cleaning activities and connecting to power tools for reducing dust.  It’s made of tough and durable plastic, with a design that enables onboard storage of all supplied accessories, made and designed by the trusted brand which is DeWalt. Plus lastly of course, you can swap from wet to dry and back again without any filter changes or removals which is a big advantage over other cheaper vacs.

Dewalt DCV582 14.4/18v XR Wet & Dry Vacuum


Good Points
1. Battery or mains powered
2. Powerful enough for most users
3. Trusted brand
4. Good design & durable materials
5. Onboard storage for all accessories
6. No hassle swap, from wet to dry vacuuming and vice versa

Bad Points
1. Expensive
2. Hose could be longer