Draper 14180 150mm Magnetic Soft Jaws for Engineering Vices – Unboxing & Review

Here’s my unboxing and demo video of the Draper Magnetic soft jaws for engineering vices. 150mm or 6″ however you like it.

These are under a tenner to buy and protect your work while you clamp them in your vice. Without these applied to your vice you may damage your workpiece. The magnets seem strong enough to keep them on my vice even when i’ve tightened the vice up on some wood as hard as i could tighten it and the soft jaws were still attached to the vice and the wood wasn’t stuck to the jaws either, plus i couldn’t see any indentations either, which is very good!

So do i think they are worth the money? Yep definitely they’ll last a DIY’er for years i’d expect but i’d have thought a tradesman would want something more hardcore.

If you want to buy yourself a pair you can find them on Amazon via the following link for under a tenner: http://amzn.to/2aRHTqy

Dewalt TSTAK demo

A simple demonstration of the Dewalt TSTAK system in action. If you would like to purchase one of these you can find them on Amazon http://amzn.to/1OVbEHj

How to install RAM in an Apple Macbook Pro

I made this video so you guys can see how easy it is to super charge your Macbook Pro simply by adding lots and lots of RAM, now you can try all the software you want but eventually you’ll slow up, but this is a permanent fix to your slow Mac.

First of all this is done at your own risk, thing can and do go wrong with electronics so if you are unsure of your abilities i’d suggest going to a Apple store or IT professional to do this for you.

In my case i’m working on my Apple Macbook Pro (Late 2011), I can’t be certain but the layout may vary from model to model so you may have to search out an alternative video to this if yours is an older or newer model.

Shut your machine down and wait for all movement and sounds to stop, remove any covers you may have attached to the bottom half of the computer, we don’t need to touch the top half (Screen half) so you can leave the covers on that one so it doesn’t scratch the lid! If you do not have a cover on your lid please put down a cloth to protect your machine from scratches.

Flip your machine upside down, we’re interested in the bottom section.

Get yourself a very small Philips screwdriver or ACENIX tool attachment in my case, for removing the screws on the bottom of the machine, there are 10 screws to undo, 3 of them are long ones, in the top right corner.

Ensure you are the same potential as the computer or earth it, so you can touch some metal on the machine such as the DVD disk drive, try to steer clear of touching the mother board or hard drive if i were you, in case you put a charge through anything sensitive and break something!!! You can also put in your charger and plug it into a socket but keep the switch OFF!!! Do not leave it on as you could fry yourself or your machine!!

Next locate the RAM modules, which are pretty much central and remove gently as shown in the video. Do not force anything it should all come out with light touches. Once the RAM springs up at you just gently pull them away from the mother board and that’s the job almost done, now just replace the new RAM modules in the slots and push down gently to click them into place and you are done. The RAM module should be flush with the rest of the hardware in the machine, if it’s sticking up or looks like it’s off at an angle remove and put it in again.

Now ensure you’ve not left any tools inside the machine, if you wanted to now would be a great idea to lightly brush any dust or use an air source to blow the dust away as basic general maintenance.

Replace all screws remembering where the 3 long screws were located. Tighten gently no need to forces these screws as you will only break the threads.

Replace cover then start up your machine.

Your machine may take longer than usual to start up as it’s probably thinking jeez where the hells this memory come from!! So give it time to register it’s new memory and when all sounds have ceased click the apple logo in the top right and then click the memory tab and you will notice your memory should be registered, if it isn’t then maybe you have messed up installing them or your RAM is broken. But please remember your RAM should be twins so 8gb and 8gb or 2gb and 2gb, it’ll still work with one if need be but try to install two modules of equal size.

And well done you are now the owner of a turbo charged Mac! Enjoy!

If you want any of the products i used in this video please use the links below to get to the relevant Amazon listings:

Crucial 16gb RAM memory. http://amzn.to/1UQ588f
Acenix 3 in 1 repair tool. http://amzn.to/1Mm8Y6h
Apple Macbook Pro. http://amzn.to/1UQ5sDX