Fear The Walking Dead Pilot Review

After the success of The Walking Dead, AMC decided to strike while the iron was still hot and green lit a prequel series called Fear The Walking Dead. The idea is pretty cool as the original series never really explored why or how the zombie apocalypse actually started, but it seems odd to me that during the middle of a series run they start a prequel of the series… But hey, why not?

Instead of the rural Georgian setting, Fear The Walking Dead takes place in the urban sprawl of Las Angeles. Not much is known yet of Alex Kurtzman’s or AMC’s plans for this series buy we can expect a heavy character drama that focuses on family and friends and how they deal with their changing surroundings.

This first ninety minute episode wasn’t all that exciting, it showed a modern family and the struggles today’s youth often must go through. There wasn’t really a whole lot of the undead, instead the episode chose to focus on exploring the main cast members and showing us what makes them tick.

I’m sure as the season goes on that more and more exciting moments will be thrown at us and hopefully they will somehow give us some Walking Dead easter eggs and such.

I would have thought they would try to get off on the right foot with the suspense and hacking and slashing that they are known for but they chose a different direction perhaps to not have two shows be so similar with each other?

Anyways, it was fine and I’m sure it will get more interesting considering how fantastic the cast is.

If you haven’t seen it yet and are a fan of The Walking Dead then check it out but considering it has already gotten 10+ million viewers you likely already have.