Hive 2 Unboxing & Installation video

Sorry it’s been a while since my last video, i’ve been very busy, so without further ado here’s a video where i unbox a Hive 2 system, then i install it in front of your very eyes, you’ll have to excuse the sound, in places it got so messed up i had to dub over the top of the video, but saying that everything you need to know is shown, so you can manage to fit your own Hive system easily enough.

Now i’d only recommend fitting this if you have some knowledge of electrics, you don’t want to go blowing up your boiler or hive unit, as that might get quite expensive! But saying that all the installation instructions are there in the pack and if you already have a wireless thermostat the wiring like mine will be straight forward, even for the novice installer.

I’ve had this installed for a month now and i can honestly tell you i won’t go for anything else, I would say the geo location thing is a bit naff, it sends you a text to remind you to switch the unit off, but i’d rather have it detect the registered mobiles are out of the house and cut the power itself, texting each phone as it goes out the geo fence isn’t quite the futuristic function i would i’ve expected, although could be useful for some. It also detects when you come into the geo fence you have set, so will text you to remind you to turn the heating back on, too late if you’re driving of course, if you are good, you won’t get to read the text until you’re home!! So maybe an upgrade to this sort of system would be an advantage here, which would then make it 10/10.

I’d give this unit 9 out of 10 for now, only dropping the 1 mark for the geo location thing, it’s a doddle to fit, it’s easy to use and program, it’s a winner in my books so well done to British gas and the Hive team.

If you want to buy one of these Hive 2 units here’s a link so you can buy one from Amazon:

Without Installation:
With Installation:

Draper 27843 Hand Riveter for Aluminium & Steel Blind Rivets

This is the unboxing of my Draper 27843 Hand Riveter, it comes supplied in a hard plastic case, with approximately 100 rivets and has 4 different sized nozzles for different rivet sizes (2.4, 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8 mm). It’s solidly built, with a simple handle lock and a spanner with it’s own stowage in the moulded handle, so you don’t need anything else for use. Ideal for the DIY’er and reasonably priced from a well known and trusted brand.

If you’d like to purchase one of these you can find one on Amazon on the following link: