Pole-dancing robot STRIPPERS that ‘stole the show’ at a Las Vegas club are headed to NYC this weekend

Technology companies have ‘disrupted’ the way we shop, communicate, travel and do just about everything in our daily lives.

Now, a pair of robot strippers have their eyes set on disrupting your next lap dance.

The android adult entertainers, dubbed the ‘Robo Twins,’ grabbed headlines earlier this month when they performed in a Las Vegas gentleman’s club at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

This weekend, the Robo Twins are making an appearance in New York City when they perform Friday and Saturday night at the Sapphire 39 strip club in midtown Manhattan.

The famous ‘Robo Twins’ made their first US appearance in Las Vegas at CES 2018. This weekend, they’ll be on stage at an NYC strip club in midtown Manhattan.


The ‘Robo Twins’ grabbed headlines earlier this month when they performed in Las Vegas at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

Now, the android adult entertainers will perform at the Sapphire 39 strip club in Midtown Manhattan

You can check out the Robo Twins on Friday and Saturday night

To get in, attendees have to pay a $30 cover

It’s the last chance to check out the robot strippers before they head back to London

The robots were created by British artist Giles Walker, whose pieces typically comment on social issues

A $30 cover will gain you entrance to see the sexy robots, which allure onlookers with their gyrating hips and smooth moves sliding up and down stripper poles.

The event description says it will be the Robo Twins’ ‘only New York appearance’ before they ‘go across the pond’ to London.

The Robo Twins were invited to the New York club after they ‘created a lot of interesting debate over in Las Vegas during the CES event at the beginning of the month,’ British artist Giles Walker, who created the robotic strippers, explained in an email to Dailymail.com.

‘They kind of stole the show down there in fact.’

Don’t try to slip the cyborg strippers some Bitcoin, however.

‘The Robo Twins prefer cash or credit due to the volatility of cryptocurrency,’ Sapphire said in a tweet on Friday.

The pole-dancing robots are made of scrap parts from mannequins, car parts and other rubbish.

Each of Walker’s works of art are aimed at commenting on social issues.

British artist Giles Walker’s robot strippers are made out of rubbish like scrap mannequins and car parts. They appeared alongside real dancers at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

At first glance, it may seem like the robots are are supposed to be a commentary on robotics or job automation.

However, the robots are actually a comment on the nature of surveillance, power and voyeurism.

The robots CCTV heads are a testament to how surveillance cameras seem to be located all around us, especially in Britain.

At the time they were devised, ‘Britain was quickly becoming the most watched society in the world with these ‘mechanical peeping Toms’ appearing on every street corner,’ Walker told Dailymail.com.

‘We were told that it was for our safety and to reduce crime…when statistics prove that street lighting is actually a much more effective way of keeping us safe.’

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This, combined with the bizarre terminology used to ‘sex-up’ current events at the time led Walker to the idea of doing the same for a CCTV, he explained.

But the artist also took plenty of inspiration from real strippers.

The Robo Twins sport svelte bodies, towering heels and a lacy garter round their leg that holds fake money.

At the foot of the stripper poles, there are tip buckets with cheeky sayings like ‘MIT bound’ or ‘Need $$$ for batteries.’

The robots were originally created in 2012 by Walker for a show called ‘Peepshow.’

The Robo Twins also performed at adult exhibition Sexpo in Melbourne in 2016.