Raised Fist: From the North

Vocals – Alexander “Alle” Hagman
Guitar – Jimmy Tikkanen
Guitar – Daniel Holmgren
Bass – Andreas “Josse” Johanson
Drums – Matte Modin
Released by Epitaph Records on January 19th 2015

Born with an insight and a raised fist.  Rage Against the Machine lyrics that inspired a group of guys from some town in Sweden to form a hardcore punk band in 1993.  It took them 5 years to get their first LP out, but it was straight success after that.  For 12 years after that first album they were just giviner on stage and in the studio.  Headlining massive tours and pumping out album after album.  After Veil of Ignorance we had to wait 6 years for From the North.  But ding dang was it worth it.  Like all of their previous albums Alexanders voice come through loud and clear.  I find it impressive how he can scream with such clarity. The guitars on this album are a little slower, but still deliver their signature cheese grater type rifts.  And Matte’s drum beats pull everything together to give you that head bob that people catch you doing in your truck as you blast this album.

The album starts out with Flow.  And honestly I think that’s what the album should have been called.  The flow of Alexanders rhymes combined with the melody of the guitars and drum beats make Flow one of Raised Fist’s best tracks to date.  They also released a video for this song of the band kicking ass.  Man & Earth is a sweet emotional track about how important our environment is, they seem to have one on every album and they are always among my favourite tracks.  We Will Live Forever is another song in the style you’ll hear throughout this album with a super catchy guitar rift and a bass presence by Josse that makes you appreciate what every member brings to the band.  Ready to Defy is a really cool track that sounds a bit like a hardcore rap song and the only song with clean vocals on it.  Gates is my favourite song on the album.  It’s a fast and powerful song about society begin deceived into war.  It also has an amazing break down at the end that would make this the song to hear live.   The album ends with Unsinkable, a song about staying true no matter what anyone says about you.  Alexander’s screams are often positive and inspirational, backed by furious anger at the ignorance of the world.

From the North is a little slower and more melodic than their previous efforts.  If Ignoring the Guidelines was your favourite album, then maybe this one isn’t for you.  This album came out months ago, but I thought I’d review it in hopes that someone will read this and check it out.  Raised Fist is a band with great lyrics, great musical creativity and great energy on stage.  They have signed with Epitaph for two records, From the North being the first of the two.  And I’m super excited to hear what the next one will bring.  The song to hear on this album is Flow.  There’s really no need to say more.  Just click and enjoy.