August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places Review

Vocals: William Jacob Luhrs

Guitars: JB Brubaker

Guitars: Brent Rambler

Drums: Matthew Greiner

Bass: Dustin Davidson

Produced, engineered and mixed by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland at Atrium Audio in Lancaster, PA
Released by Fearless Records on June 29th 2015

August Burns Red’s recent album Found In Far Away Places feels like the album all of their previous efforts have been working towards.  Like many bands, each album they release shows the growth in talent and experience in each member.  The production on this album is perfect, you can turn it up to 11 and clearly hear every word, every rift, every drum beat, every bass line. (Yeah, they have a bassist, apparently most bands do.) 

The album starts out with The Wake, a great opener that lets you hear exactly the direction this album takes.  Jake Luhrs really sells the anger, depression and grief that so many ABR songs are about and JB lets his guitar loose on every single track.  There are some really cool breakdowns on songs like Identity, Separating The Seas, and Majoring In The Minors that give the album a bit of diversity to show that ABR can do more than what is expected of them.  Ghosts featuring Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember is actually a great song despite the post-hardcore singing that I thought I’d never hear on an ABR album.  

The band is mostly classified as metalcore, but songs like Martyr, Everlasting Ending and Twenty-one Grams break through as true melodic metal songs with rifts that will stick in your head until you inevitably listen to this album again and again.  If you picked up the deluxe version of the album it came with three bonus tracks: Maraton, an acoustic version of Majoring In The Minors and a MIDI version of Identity at sounds like the most epic boss battle on any cartridge console game.  

It’s very hard to see any way this album could improve, many of the songs follow the same basic structure but somehow it’s anything but boring.  They are a very Christian band, both their lyrics and album booklet tell of how their faith has helped them through difficult times and comes off as inspirational not preachy.
Normally I’d suggest a few songs for a potential new fan to listen to,  but just put it on track 1 and enjoy the ride.