Introducing Spider Solitaire And Solitaire Games

The name “Solitaire” actually refers to a number of different types of games a person can play as an individual. Although the name more frequently refers to one-player card games, it can refer to other types of single player games as well, including board games, tile games, and some computer games. Spider Solitaire, Klondike, Peg and Mahjong Solitaire are just a few of the variations.

Often referred to as Classic Solitaire, Klondike is the most common form of the game. With this version, one deck of 52 cards is used with the jokers being removed from play. Cards are placed in receding sequence using off-color suits, and then placed in the upper right corner and placed in sequence again only in separate suits, and from ace to king this time. This game has many variations of its own, and is sometimes also referred to as Patience.

Mahjong Solitaire is a variant with which numerous patterned tiles are used instead of cards. The object of this version is to remove matching tiles from play, which in turn exposes the next layer of tiles. The game continues until all tiles are removed.

A very unique game that is often referred to as a version of Solitaire is Peg. With this game, the player is given a block of wood with holes or dips in it. Pegs or marbles are placed in all but one of the holes, and the pegs are moved to “jump” the other pegs. When a peg has been jumped, it is removed from the game. The player wins when there is one peg or marble left.

Spider Solitaire is a more challenging variation of the classic card game. Unlike other versions, the Spider version uses two decks. Both decks of cards are shuffled together and dealt into ten tableau piles. The object of the game is to place cards in receding order according to the suit. Although cards can be played “off Suit” in receding order, they can only be moved as a group when they are matched with the proper suit. To avoid problems later in the game, it is extremely important to try to avoid becoming blocked in with cards unable to move at all.

Playing cards “in suit” whenever possible, leaving as many spaces empty as is possible, and playing high when it is required that the player place cards “off suit” are just a few things the player can do to avoid a card block. When there are thirteen cards in receding order and of proper suit in a tableau, the cards are removed from play. The game is won when all of the cards have been placed in sequence and removed.

Beginners might be interested in one of the less advanced versions of the spider variant. One Suit and Two Suit use only one or two suits respectively, while regular Spider uses all four. These are probably the simplest versions. Black Widow is played much the same as regular Spider, except that the groups of cards are able to move regardless of suit, making this game easier to win than Spider.

Solitaire variations are not just popular amongst card players. Technology has placed numerous variations to the classic versions on the computer as well. These games can be played with pre-loaded software, separately purchased disks, downloads, or even online. With the assortment of numerous types and levels of the game, one is sure to find at least one variant that is appealing.

Spider Solitaire is a captivating game for online users. You can find this and other solitaire games in many forms.

Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough for Amazing Experience with Your Game

The latest edition of Call of Duty series has more spectacular surprises. During its first month, it was recognized as one of the best in the series. It truly takes the player to a different world. It takes the player to situations that resemble much like that from real world history.

Based from its title, the video game leads us to a series of black operations from the 1960′s. All throughout the game, all fifteen missions are logically connected with each other and with the characters as well. It is in this high regard that a comprehensive Black Ops Walkthrough is significantly needed to lure the players more on the game, and feel the call of duty while accomplishing the CIA secret missions. A thorough walkthrough is much needed to guide your character what to do next, how to protect yourself and what weapons to use mission after mission. But the greatest help an extensive walkthrough will give you is the location and how to get the intel laptops. There are 42 hidden intels in all fifteen missions. It will certainly save you time and your character’s life if you carefully follow the helpful pointers and tactics from the walkthroughs. The aim is to keep you alive in the entire game from start to finish.

The Operation 40, the first mission, is all about the Bay of Pigs period. You need to be capable of escape the threats of the Cuban police, find and kill Fidel Castro and escape successfully to the airfield.

The last mission is the Redemption. The aim is for you to stop the Russian ship, Rusalka, from releasing Nova 6, a dangerous chemical gas to the lands of the US.

Three intels are cautiously hidden in each and every mission. A walkthrough will give you in depth instructions on what your next steps will be, where to go, how you can grab the intels and properly escape within the shortest time possible. Usually, there are tricky parts on the real locations so you must pay more attention in all of this information in thorough manner. Black Ops Walkthrough will surely give you the edge in playing the game. You can stay away from the hassle of being annoyed when you know the precise actions you need to do to accomplish the mission. It will also make your character’s life easier by staying alive while accomplishing all the missions.

Go check out your guide here: Call of Duty Walkthrough. There are bonuses and gift cards there. You can also check out updates here: Call of Dead blog.

Tips on How to Improve in Call of Duty Black Ops


  • Keep an eye on the radar.
  • If you already know the location of a person and he’s around a corner, make an effort to jump as you come around the corner to throw off his aim.
  • Try crouching while you move, as it will not make any noise when you crouch.
  • Aim for the head. * Practicing with the players online is the best way to get better (some people are just amazing on the game).
  • Try running and gunning (hence RnG, run and gun).
  • If fighting with the enemy and the two of you have sniper rifles, attempt zooming in quick and try to hit him. This trick is a matter of speed and practice.
  • When moving, use a zig-zag pattern. This is a top notch way to throw off snipers if you are in the open.
  • Try to get on top of buildings (e.g. POW camp) and snipe.
  • Stay in the dark (in buildings) so you have a lower chance of getting seen.
  • It may be possible to kill a competitor with machine gun when you’re using a sniper at the hip. Just remember accuracy will be very low, so try to aim for the chest.
  • Plant Bouncing Betties on stairs or any ways enemies can come in and hit you from the back
  • Though you may not use the three-round-burst gun, use 2-4 round bursts if you are shooting a distant target. This will keep recoil low and conserve ammo.
  • Know the range of your gun, and only fire if you know the enemy is within it.
  • If you see a dot on your radar around a corner, ricochet a flashbang or stun grenade around the corner to catch them prior to deciding to rush. If you don’t get a hit marker, proceed with caution.
  • Learn to circle-strafe. It’ll make you very hard to hit, especially against people who count on short-range weapons like shotguns and knives.

Ever increasing popularity associated with Mario Games over the internet

Mario Free games have emerged the most fascinating and exciting games online not just for kids however, for teenagers and adult population simultaneously. Mario Forever, Super Mario Flash, Super Mario World Hardcore, Super Mario Strikes etc are some highly sought after Mario games which will be played because of the entire family.

There are many Mario Flash games that is certainly played around the wide selection of gaming websites that permits players to obtain pleasure in it free, however some people might will be chargeable too. That is the most effective pass-time activities to refresh your mind, made for people who spend quite a long time of waking time in performing extremely monotonous and tiring office work. Mario games have turned out to be an incredibly exciting, refreshing which stimulates experience for relieving the routine stress, the reason a person’s eye on such kind of games has consistently seen an even greater out there.

“Mario”, is amongst the hottest video game titles characters, thus ‘Mario Games’ have maintained a situation inside the best online flash games in over 200 different types of on-line platforms. Bingo has additionally surely could spur a huge fan following all ages. Most online versions of Mario Games are Java and Flash based. It includes the gamer a gaming experience which can be as great for the reason that virtual ones. Most websites which permit that you play free Mario Games would require the user to fit Java Flash, and Plug-ins, favorite downloadable version within this game would wish setting up its put in your body hardware.

This have to be strictly internet marketing done only after thorough inspection on the authenticity with the website. Any sort of malicious spyware or potential virus with such programs may cause a head unit hardware crash, hence experts recommend towards user to download such contents using extreme precaution.

Mario free games appear in the type of Games together with Puzzles, while a variety of Gaming systems also accommodate a fun filled expertise in playing the action. Virtually all games are coded in 2D format while several recent versions can also be launched which has a 3D view to energize and enhance the overall familiarity with you. The most up-to-date ones being ‘Mario Galaxy’ and ‘Super Mario Bros’ as both versions are the current 3D Models assigned excellent graphics as well as superb conceptualization. Mario Games have certainly evolved quite a bit with several advancements and updates because the time it was originally launched Thirty years ago

Terminator Genisys

Director: Alan Taylor

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jai Courtney, Emelia Clarke, Jason Clarke

Writers: Laeta Kalogridis, Patrick Lussier

Budget: $155 000 000 (estimated)

Worldwide Gross: $318 181 000

Set after, before and during the events of 1984’s Terminator, once again John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reece (Jai Courtney) back in time to save Sarah Connor (Emelia Clarke) from the Terminator that was sent back to kill her.  Only this time, everything’s different.

Alan Taylor had an unenviable task of bringing a franchise back to life after two poorly received sequels in Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation.  And much like how Bryan Singer used time travel in X-Men: Days of Future Past to give the series a soft reboot and a does of vitality.

Arnold comes back to the series and brings his unique charisma and charm and is for sure the movies highlights as he steals whatever scene he is in.  Emelia Clarke plays a great Sarah Connor and in some scenes bares a striking resemblance to Linda Hamilton as well as sounding very similar to her.  The only thing she is missing is the teased hair from the 80’s.  Jason Clarke is serviceable as John Connor but it would have been nice to have Michael Bhien as an older John, that way he would have a similar appearance to his father.  Jai Courtney, a strapping muscular man didn’t resemble the Michael Bhien’s Kyle Reese who is a malnourished, battle scarred scavenger with post traumatic stress disorder.  Thats not to say we don’t like Jai Courtney, he was great in Jack Reacher, just miscast in this movie we feel.

The movie did suffer from a few setbacks as the promotional images from Entertainment Weekly ( ) were rather goofy having the actors in “dramatic poses” yelling at nothing holding nerf guns.  The trailers also gave too much of the story away, reveling the main villain as well as key plot points wasn’t the best way to go.

The special effects were quite cool, the T-3000 was pretty gnarly the way he could shift and reform.  Arnold’s Terminator was an awesome dichotomy of a killing machine who could rip doors off their hinges, hurl heavy object through the air and yet have to pop his knee back in and have his joints lock up.  Arnold’s aged appearance was explained well, having him being sent further back in time to defend Sarah as a child and as time went by his human flesh aged and his endo-skeleton ran into mechanical failures.  

My favourite part of the film was the one for one recreation of 1984’s Terminator, seeing a young pumped up arnold in a 2015 summer blockbuster was pretty cool.  I wish they would have put a younger version of Bill Paxton in the film instead of recasting the part…I mean if they could do it for the dump truck driver why not?  The future battle between the human resistance and Skynet was also pretty rad, seeing the humans penned up in worker camps, platoons of terminators, and new Hunter Killers was awesome for the child that grew up with the first two Terminators.

this movie is highly recommended, it sets up a new franchise nicely and you don’t have to watch Terminator 3 or Salvation to understand this one! (We do like Salvation shhhh)

So this is my second time writing this review…I have no idea what happened but somehow yesterdays X-Men Days of Futures Past review was showing above this and 3/4 of my Terminator review was lost.  Sorry for the confusion, thanks for reading…Brandon 

August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places Review

Vocals: William Jacob Luhrs

Guitars: JB Brubaker

Guitars: Brent Rambler

Drums: Matthew Greiner

Bass: Dustin Davidson

Produced, engineered and mixed by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland at Atrium Audio in Lancaster, PA
Released by Fearless Records on June 29th 2015

August Burns Red’s recent album Found In Far Away Places feels like the album all of their previous efforts have been working towards.  Like many bands, each album they release shows the growth in talent and experience in each member.  The production on this album is perfect, you can turn it up to 11 and clearly hear every word, every rift, every drum beat, every bass line. (Yeah, they have a bassist, apparently most bands do.) 

The album starts out with The Wake, a great opener that lets you hear exactly the direction this album takes.  Jake Luhrs really sells the anger, depression and grief that so many ABR songs are about and JB lets his guitar loose on every single track.  There are some really cool breakdowns on songs like Identity, Separating The Seas, and Majoring In The Minors that give the album a bit of diversity to show that ABR can do more than what is expected of them.  Ghosts featuring Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember is actually a great song despite the post-hardcore singing that I thought I’d never hear on an ABR album.  

The band is mostly classified as metalcore, but songs like Martyr, Everlasting Ending and Twenty-one Grams break through as true melodic metal songs with rifts that will stick in your head until you inevitably listen to this album again and again.  If you picked up the deluxe version of the album it came with three bonus tracks: Maraton, an acoustic version of Majoring In The Minors and a MIDI version of Identity at sounds like the most epic boss battle on any cartridge console game.  

It’s very hard to see any way this album could improve, many of the songs follow the same basic structure but somehow it’s anything but boring.  They are a very Christian band, both their lyrics and album booklet tell of how their faith has helped them through difficult times and comes off as inspirational not preachy.
Normally I’d suggest a few songs for a potential new fan to listen to,  but just put it on track 1 and enjoy the ride.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Director: James Gunn

Starring: Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana

Writers: James Gunn, Nicole Pearlman

Budget: $170 000 000 (estimated)

Worldwide Gross: $774 000 000

After witnessing his mother die of cancer at a young age, Peter Quill (Pratt) is abducted by alien pirates and with them he grows up being a thief/adventurer.  After stealing an orb and trying to sell it to a broker, Quill is set upon by the assassin Gamora (Saldana) while he is coincidentally being chased by the bounty hunters Rocket (Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel).  All four are apprehended by the Nova Corps an intergalactic police force and locked in prison.  Here they meet Drax (Bautista) who is hellbent on vengeance after Ronan the movies main villain killed his wife and child.  The five prisoners work together to break out of the prison and join forces with the Nova Corps to stop Ronan from destroying Xandar, the multiracial metropolitan planet home of the Nova Corps.

Marvel took a big risk on this relatively unknown property with relatively unknown actors and director and a writers first blockbuster film (Pearlman).  This gamble paid off as an eclectic group of actors, a quirky director and obscure source material meshed together perfectly and gave us a film with heart, laughter and action wrapped up in a comic book space odyssey.

Chris Pratt went from TV’s Parks and Recreaction’s Andy Dwyer to one of Hollywoods leading men after box office success with Guardians of the Galaxy, Lego Movie and Jurassic World.  He has so much charisma and has very good comedic timing, I look forward to seeing him in sequels and new projects.  Bautista as Drax was one of the movies funniest things, his extremely literal character made comments that just didn’t make sense but he was so serious about it that I still chuckle during re-watches.  Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon was a bit over the top for me and the dialog he was given wasn’t my favourite.  Zoe Saldana did a good job with Gamora in a very physical roll that appeared to be very demanding.

Unfortunately for Marvel fans we are given another throw away villain who could have been awesome in the larger Marvel cinematic universe, he joins the list of underdeveloped, mustache twirling villains like Yellowjacket, Malekith, Ultron and so on.  Hopefully the universes big bad Thanos will exceed expectations and truly leave his mark.

As with most blockbusters nowadays the special effects were great, unfortunately not a lot of practical effects which I think many people are waiting to see in this coming winters Star Wars 7, but the sets were great and even the Xandarian city was vibrant and full of life and it’s exact opposite the city called Nowhere that inhabits the husk of a large dead celestial beings head was very grimey  with the dregs of the universe trying to eek out a meager life felt real and for sure a place you wouldn’t want to find yourself stuck in for very long.

This movie is highly recommended and is suitable for all ages but common…everyone has seen it already I would imagine.

Oh one more thing, the soundtrack is awesome! It’s an unlikely mix of 1970’s hits that go well with the story.  Thanks for reading…Brandon Star-Lord Taylor

Movie of the Year: Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman

Writers: George Lucas, Lawrence Kasdan, Philip Kaufman

Budget: $18 000 000

Worldwide Gross: $290 000 000

Studio: Paramount Studios

Thanks for joining us, today I start my favourite movie of the year review where once a week on Thursdays will be a new movie with a new year.

Indiana Jones, archaeology professor and swashbuckling adventurer, has unearthed many an ancient treasure. But now the very future of the world depends on his finding one special relic.
With a bullwhip in his hand and a beautiful lady at his side, Jones journeys from Nepal and Cairo to the Mediterranean, dodging poisons, traps and snakes, battling rivals old and new, all in pursuit of an ancient artifact said to give invincible power to whomever possess it.

The film was George Lucus’ love letter to the action adventure serials of the 1930s and 1940s.  Adjusting for inflation, Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the highest grossing films ever made, well that’s what I read…I have no idea how to do the math (barely graduated).  Lucas partnered with his friend Spielberg to create this masterpiece which Spielberg was nominated for best director and best picture, he didn’t win either but in my opinion he should have.

Spielberg made each scene feel real and still today is one of the most exciting films created and holds up against the heavy superhero genre we are currently in.  It is an adventure film thru and thru, thee movie brings you from the steaming jungles of South America, the United States of America, Nepal and Cairo and I could even be missing some.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones is just absolutely perfect, how fortunate for him to land two iconic roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones that for whatever reason he brings to life and makes the character his own.  He almost didn’t get the role as Tom Selleck was offered it but due to commitments with Magnum P.I. he had to back out.  People scoff at Selleck in Raiders but I still think he could have made a great Jones and would love to see that movie.  I am glad with how it turned out as we got an amazing Movie franchise from Harrison Ford and one of my favourite television shows in Magnum P.I.  The supporting cast was good, Paul Freeman was quite the despicable and slimy villain but played off of Ford excellently as two polar opposites.  Karen Allen as a strong female character was believable and serviceable.

For the time the movie was created the special effects were good and quite gruesome but thankfully most was done with practical effects.  It is a thrill ride from start to finish and if you are not entertained by it go see a therapist because something is seriously wrong.  I always say to each their own but not in this case.

Thanks for reading part one of my favourite movie of the year edition…Brandon “I also hate snakes” Taylor.

Refused Freedom Review

Refused – Freedom 

Vocals – Dennis LyxzÉn

Guitar – Kristofer Steen

Bass – Magnus Flagge

Drums – David Sandstrom  There`s suppose to be the two dots above the O in Sandstrom but I don`t know how to do that.

Produced and engineered by Nick Launay, recorded at Seedy Underbelly, Los Angeles.  Except Elektra and 366, 
produced and engineered by Sheelback and Michael Ilbert.  Recorded at Decibel Studios in Stockholm, Sweeden.

Freedom is Refused first album since The Shape Of Punk to come which was released in 1998.  The Shape Of Punk To Come was one of the most unique and influential albums of the great 90`s punk scene.  So when the band decided to get back together and make another album, the pressure to create another timeless album was immense.  The production on this album sounds great.  Dennis’s screaming comes through clear and loud. The guitars seem a little quiet on this album but that could be so you can hear everything else going on like keyboards, horns and even the tambourine.  The drums are good, but I prefer a louder snap on the snare drum on a punk album.

The album starts off with Elektra, a high energy throwback to exactly what Refused fans were looking for in this album.  Then you hear Old Friends/ New War.  Not what Refused fans were expecting to hear.  The song starts with this weird deep voice and moves into a slow catchy guitar rift.  I really like this song but it’s something I want to hear on an International Noise Conspiracy album.  Dawkins Christ, Destroy The Man and 366 (my favourite song on the album) are all great hardcore songs reminiscent of Refused previous albums.  However Francafrique,  War On The Palaces and Servants Of death belong on an International Noise Conspiracy album.  Thought Is Blood is a creative, progressive song you`d expect to hear as a closing song, but they slapped it in the middle and Useless Europeans is a long whiny finisher that leaves you feeling a little disappointed.

Being an International Noise Conspiracy fan, I really liked this album and would have rated it much higher if it was released as one.  However I didn’t find this was a great Refused album and I don`t think hardcore Refused fans will welcome the toned down melody that the band is putting out.  There are two types of songs on this album, so if you are a Refused fan definitely check out Elektra, and if you are an International Noise Conspiracy fan check out War On The Palaces.

Movie of the Year – Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 1982

Director: Nicholas Meyer

Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy,, Deforest Kelley, James Doohan, Walter Koenig, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Ricardo Montalban

Writers: Harve Bennett, Jakc B. Sowards

Budget: $11 000 000

Worldwide Gross: $95 500 000

Studio: Paramount

Welcome to episode two of our “Best Movie of the Year” article.  Today I will be talking about Star Trek’s second theatrical mission The Wrath of Khan and where it stands in the pantheon of Star Trek movies.

Admittedly my introduction to Star Trek didn’t start with The Original Series or the original movies but with The Next Generation which became my favourite television series ever and still is to this day, but considering that I was six when Captain Jean-Luc Picard first started his continuing mission to boldly go…well it makes sense.  Living in the country and having only five and if we were lucky six channels there wasn’t nearly enough replays of Star Trek: The Next Generation and while browsing through my grandmothers movie collection, wide eyed I spotted four Star Trek movies!  As I watched the first movie I wasn’t really sure what to think, this wasn’t my crew or my ship, the plot was way over my head and the movie way too slow.  Hesitantly I pushed the second tape in the VHS and very quickly I noticed more action and scenes that would keep a young dude entertained.

Star Trek has always excelled when centering on the characters and The Wrath of Khan is no exception.  Earning ninety-five million on a modest budget goes to show just how much fans love Kirk, Spock and crew, proving that twenty minute shots of the Enterprise although cool isn’t what people necessarily were hoping for when Star Trek moved to the big screen.  

Since we have last seen the crew, Kirk (Shatner) has been promoted to an Admiral, Spock (Nimoy) now Captains a young crew on the Enterprise and Chekov (Koenig) has been assigned to the starship Reliant as her First Officer.  After a brief exchange allowing the crew to be reacquainted with each other we meet Khan (Montalban), a two-hundred year old genetically modified veteran of the Eugenics War.  Montalban shows us just how far a movie can go with an excellent antagonist.  With his quiet and steady tones he forces you to pay attention and listen closely when suddenly he bursts into a near uncontrollable fits of rage proving just how tenuous his grasp on sanity is.

Throughout the entire movie neither Kirk nor Khan are ever actually in the same scene together, without the classic Kirk fist fight he instead goes head to head with Khan in a battle of the brains.  My favourite scene is when Spock sacrifices himself, as he is dying he stands up and straightens his uniform…that part gets me choked up almost every time I watch it, dignified like a sir.

It is a great movie from beginning to end, a little less starship battles then I would like but it’s filled with many memorable moments and scenes that are able to stir emotions so many years later.  Quite possibly the film that saved the franchise, it’s always nice to go back and revisit it every once and a while.

Thanks for reading, join us next week for episode 3 of our movie of the year where we review Star Wars: Return of the Jedi…Brandon “I have been, and always shall be, your friend” Taylor.

Arkham Knight Review

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive

Game Developer: Rocksteady Games

Genre: Action Adventure

Release Date: June 23rd 2015

In 2009 Rocksteady Games released Arkham Asylum and set a new standard for superhero games.  The combat system with the countering was smooth and awesome, they used a form of Assassins Creed controls and brought it to the next level.  Bringing in Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker was a stroke of genious as both actors are regarded highly for their voice work and their portrayal of their respective characters for the animated medium.  The game has expanded in scope throughout the series, progressing from the claustrophobic confines of Arkham Asylum to the free flying open world’s of Arkham City and Arkham Knight.  

Arkham Knight picks up where Arkham City left off.  The story and character development this time around is the games strong point.  Adding in Batman’s most recognizable sidekicks and allies as somewhat playable characters and providing interesting side quest dialog. 

Unfortunately the game seemed to stumble out of the gate, being plagued with production problems on their limited edition sets.   I had pre-ordered their fancy limited edition with the Batman statue but when I got notice that it would be delayed a month or so due to defects in the box I cancelled my order and just got a digital copy.   They also had problems with the batmobile edition and apparently having issues with the batmobile itself.  That wasn’t their only issues however as the game was rife with bugs and was virtually unplayable for PC users.  I got the X Box One edition and even that is super glitchy, to this day my game and X Box freezes at least once a game session and is the only game on my X Box to do so. 

The highly touted batmobile that Rocksteady Games added to this game wasn’t fun at all, and for a character who can zip and fly across the sky when you are forced to to clunky batmobile missions that slows the game play down to a crawl and offers nothing but repetitive missions where you spend your time dodging and waiting for your cannon to charge up in battle mode left me gritting my teeth when I was forced into the batmobile.  For whatever reason the coolest part of the game, predator mode had been reduced to a minor, very small portion of the gaming experience so that they could seemingly shoehorn in the aggravating batmobile. 

Next up is the DLC content, the extra costumes and vehicle skins are nice but the missions that I purchased a seasons pass for are ridiculous. The Harley Quinn DLC lasted maybe five to ten minutes, Batgirl was alright at half an hour or so and the Red Hood shorter then Harley Quinns was such a disappointment. 

I know I’m ragging on the game and the studios and overall I did enjoy it but I was expecting so much more.  Do I recommend the game? I suppose but I would suggest to wait a year or so for it to go on sale as it’s the worst in the series and that even includes Arkham Origins… But don’t get it twisted, it’s still a good game by AAA gaming standards. 

So hey Rocksteady Games, if you are going to charge full price for a game, how about you release a finished product first? Hire a quality control team and so some beta tests cuz this was ridiculous. 

Thanks for reading my review/rant of one my favourite franchises that took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. 

Brandon “Professor Pyg” Taylor 

P. S. This is my first time writing a review on my phone so I’m not sure how it will turn out. *fingers crossed*

Fear The Walking Dead Pilot Review

After the success of The Walking Dead, AMC decided to strike while the iron was still hot and green lit a prequel series called Fear The Walking Dead. The idea is pretty cool as the original series never really explored why or how the zombie apocalypse actually started, but it seems odd to me that during the middle of a series run they start a prequel of the series… But hey, why not?

Instead of the rural Georgian setting, Fear The Walking Dead takes place in the urban sprawl of Las Angeles. Not much is known yet of Alex Kurtzman’s or AMC’s plans for this series buy we can expect a heavy character drama that focuses on family and friends and how they deal with their changing surroundings.

This first ninety minute episode wasn’t all that exciting, it showed a modern family and the struggles today’s youth often must go through. There wasn’t really a whole lot of the undead, instead the episode chose to focus on exploring the main cast members and showing us what makes them tick.

I’m sure as the season goes on that more and more exciting moments will be thrown at us and hopefully they will somehow give us some Walking Dead easter eggs and such.

I would have thought they would try to get off on the right foot with the suspense and hacking and slashing that they are known for but they chose a different direction perhaps to not have two shows be so similar with each other?

Anyways, it was fine and I’m sure it will get more interesting considering how fantastic the cast is.

If you haven’t seen it yet and are a fan of The Walking Dead then check it out but considering it has already gotten 10+ million viewers you likely already have.

Raised Fist: From the North

Vocals – Alexander “Alle” Hagman
Guitar – Jimmy Tikkanen
Guitar – Daniel Holmgren
Bass – Andreas “Josse” Johanson
Drums – Matte Modin
Released by Epitaph Records on January 19th 2015

Born with an insight and a raised fist.  Rage Against the Machine lyrics that inspired a group of guys from some town in Sweden to form a hardcore punk band in 1993.  It took them 5 years to get their first LP out, but it was straight success after that.  For 12 years after that first album they were just giviner on stage and in the studio.  Headlining massive tours and pumping out album after album.  After Veil of Ignorance we had to wait 6 years for From the North.  But ding dang was it worth it.  Like all of their previous albums Alexanders voice come through loud and clear.  I find it impressive how he can scream with such clarity. The guitars on this album are a little slower, but still deliver their signature cheese grater type rifts.  And Matte’s drum beats pull everything together to give you that head bob that people catch you doing in your truck as you blast this album.

The album starts out with Flow.  And honestly I think that’s what the album should have been called.  The flow of Alexanders rhymes combined with the melody of the guitars and drum beats make Flow one of Raised Fist’s best tracks to date.  They also released a video for this song of the band kicking ass.  Man & Earth is a sweet emotional track about how important our environment is, they seem to have one on every album and they are always among my favourite tracks.  We Will Live Forever is another song in the style you’ll hear throughout this album with a super catchy guitar rift and a bass presence by Josse that makes you appreciate what every member brings to the band.  Ready to Defy is a really cool track that sounds a bit like a hardcore rap song and the only song with clean vocals on it.  Gates is my favourite song on the album.  It’s a fast and powerful song about society begin deceived into war.  It also has an amazing break down at the end that would make this the song to hear live.   The album ends with Unsinkable, a song about staying true no matter what anyone says about you.  Alexander’s screams are often positive and inspirational, backed by furious anger at the ignorance of the world.

From the North is a little slower and more melodic than their previous efforts.  If Ignoring the Guidelines was your favourite album, then maybe this one isn’t for you.  This album came out months ago, but I thought I’d review it in hopes that someone will read this and check it out.  Raised Fist is a band with great lyrics, great musical creativity and great energy on stage.  They have signed with Epitaph for two records, From the North being the first of the two.  And I’m super excited to hear what the next one will bring.  The song to hear on this album is Flow.  There’s really no need to say more.  Just click and enjoy.

Movie of the Year: Aliens 1986

Welcome folks to episode six of our weekly “Best of the Year” series in which we examine our favourite movies dating back from 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark to 2015’s not sure what yet…But prob Star Wars.

Director: James Cameron
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen
Writers: James Cameron, David Giler, Walter Hill
Budget: $18 500 000
Worldwide Gross: $183 000 000
Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror

Aliens is a sequel to the very frightening 1979 film Alien directed by Ridley Scott.  Set almost six decades after the events of the first film, Ripley (Weaver) after putting herself into hibernation has finally been found by a salvage ship. Now dealing with the realization of knowing that everyone she ever knew is now dead, she is asked to accompany a unit of marines back to a human colony on the planet where the alien from the first film was found.

Ripley is tasked with lending her expertise on the aliens to the marines since she is the only human who has come in contact with an alien and lived to tell the tale.  The marines are a unit of unique characters from the inexperienced Lt. Gorman, everyone’s second favourite android, Bishop (second to Data), the strong and confidant Pvt. Vasquez, the loose cannon Pvt. Hudson to the 80’s coolest action hero and James Cameron Regular Cpl. Dwayne Hicks (Biehn).

We are given the proper amount of backstory to establish the characters that walk us through the film, just enough suspenseful scenes to keep us anxious and unlike the first movie (which was great) we get a whole cargo ship load of action! and not action for action’s sake but meaningful and arresting action.  The claustrophobic confines of the colony with a dark and rainy atmosphere leads the viewers to an almost white knuckled state as aliens converge on the soldiers from all angles as they scurry underfoot and in the ceiling.  

Some scenes are quite horrific such as the slightly decomposing bodies of living colonists as they are glued to the wall with whatever substance the aliens attached to them while they are incubating alien larvae in their chests.  One of the many things Cameron is great at is not pointing out or drawing attention to heavy elements in his films but instead leaving it unspoken and making you use your imagination and instead think.  For instance after they rescue the little girl Newt, as she sits with a blank expression and pursed lips one is left wondering what horrors she must have witnessed after being the last survivor on a planet overrun by aliens…aliens who have killed her family in a horrific way.  Or the people who are stuck to the wall begging for someone to kill them as they know death by a gun is the easier way out since they have seen others in their same position have aliens burst out of their chests causing a painful and violent death.

There are so many iconic scenes in this movie, mostly from the way Cameron was able to shoot it close and tight and often low to the ground looking up.  Great set pieces were also a key factor in the greatness of this movie with parts of the facility being converted into an alien hive.  Weapon props seem just futuristic enough to be believable as well as look crazy cool and too this day some of the best space ships to have ever flown across our screens. 

As the alien silently stood behind Newt as she clutched her doll still sends chills down my spine, the sweet innocent child about to be taken by a mysterious, dangerous predator is every parents nightmare…that being said, Cameron made sure everyone felt the gravity of this scene as well as every other one.  The final fight between the queen alien and Ripley in the walking forklift power loader thing was so awesome, not so much the action but the imagery. Special effects weren’t quite there yet when Cameron filmed this movie but instead of scrapping the scene he made every inch count so that we could almost smell the stink on the aliens breath as it was inches from Ripley.

Alien and Aliens unfortunately spawned two more ho-hum sequels along with some face palming but sometimes fun Alien vs Predator movies as well as an awesome prequel in Prometheus…Shame on those of you who don’t like it. Next up for the Alien series is a film by photorealistic director Neill Blomkamp who will bring his unique style and most likely Sharlto Copley in 2017’s untitled Alien movie and rumours are…I think they are still rumours is that his movie will ignore everything after Aliens and continue with a scarred up old Hicks, a Ripley and a Newt.

I know this came off as a fluff piece for James Cameron and if you didn’t like it or him please avoid next weeks “Favourite Director” countdown since to me he is king and has never had a misfire.

Thank you very much for spending the time to read my review of Aliens and I hope you enjoyed it and it got you wanting to either re-watch it or watch it for the first time…Brandon “Thunder Lips” Taylor.

The Martian 2015

Director: Ridley Scott
Starring: Matt Damon, Jeff Daniels, Sean Bean, Chiwetel Egiofor, Jessica Chastain
Writers: Drew Goddard, Andy Wier
Budget: $108 000 000
Genre: Science Fiction

During an emergency evacuation from a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (Damon) presumably dead is left behind by his crew. Left with meager supplies, Watney must use his ingenuity, wit and know-how to survive the hostile planet as well as find ways to communicate with earth to let them know that he is alive.

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, The Martian perfectly blends panning cinematic vistas, the human spirit, interesting science with suspenseful nail biting scenes. There was also humour interjected into the film to add some levity to the grim situation that Watney was in almost constantly.

Scott spends a lot of time explaining the science of the movie so that we can better understand the seriousness of Watney’s situation and to get us more invested when he succeeds. Particularly when he was able to create water which enabled him to grow potatoes that were fertilized with human feces…yuk

The rover was really cool and looked like it could actually be something that NASA would create and use on an eventual mission to Mars. The habitat was frightfully delicate and flimsy, the constant threat of a tear leaned itself to the tense action of the film. Everything in the movie seemed realistic and usable that made a lot of sense to use laymen…I’m sure to you smart scientific folk there was some eye rolling bits but for use blue collared types, well it was spot on.

To keep himself same, Watney kept a video log where he would document what his plans were and what he was able to achieve. These led to some comedic scenes when he starts finding new ways to entertain himself by explaining how he is now a pirate…Watney the Space Pirate!

It was nice and refreshing to not have an antagonist much like Damon was in his last trip to space in Interstellar but in this nobody was a mustache twirling villain, Instead everyone was helping Watney and trying to get him home. Often times in movies with situations like this there is a person who would pretend that they had seen him die to save their own skin or a bureaucrat would try to cover up information to save a few bucks but rather everyone was honest and genuine which I appreciated.

Hopefully Christopher Nolan can take ques from Ridley Scott after seeing this and realize that actually being able to hear the dialog is important and appreciated by the audience. Often in Interstellar and even in important scenes loud music or sound effects would muddle the conversation that the main characters were having and when people were proclaiming the aversion to it Nolan arrogantly preached that he was being “Adventurous” and “Creative”…nah dude, you were being “Pretentious” and “Egotistical” thinking that you were so clever, and what was with the camera on the wing of your spaceship?!? lol sorry, rant over.

So to sum this up, The Martian Yay, Interstellar Nay. So take your best guy or best girl or best friend on a date and see this movie! but don’t go alone cuz that’s weird.

Top 5 Favourite Directors: #1

Welcome everyone to the conclusion of our favourite director countdown. In this series we have been writing about why certain directors mean so much to us and cinema, not specifically for directors who have changed the world with their high moral and thought provoking pieces but more so directors who have brought an unparalleled amount of entertainment and enjoyment to our lives.

Canadian born filmmaker, James Francis Cameron got his first break directing in 1981’s Piranha Part Two: The Spawning. I haven’t seen that movie so I’ll skip forward to his first breakthrough performance with his 1984 The Terminator. The Terminator starred seven time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger who ended up cultivating a great working relationship with Cameron. The Terminator was a great science fiction horror movie that in the wrong hands would have ended up being a cheesy horror B movie but with Cameron’s ingenuity and creativity as well as the imposing physique of Arnold with Stan Winston’s stop-motion abilities it all came together to give us a thirty year old movie that holds up to this day.

With the success of The Terminator under his belt, Cameron stepped into the great shoes of Ridley Scott to create Aliens, the sequel to 1979’s Alien. Cameron took a different approach, instead of the suspense driven horror of the series first installment, Cameron instead chose elements that helped make his The Terminator so successful, blending action and suspense with a relentless enemy and a relation between man and woman to survive the horrific experience.

In 1989 Cameron created The Abyss, perhaps this is the movie that started his lifelong fascination with the ocean or maybe he has always had that, regardless it’s a fantastic film and was very experimental and the techniques used in created the alien was later used in the creation of the T-1000 in Cameron’s greatest movie (in my opinion) 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Arnold is back but this time is the protagonist protecting John Connor from Skynet thus saving humankind from a nuclear death. Unfortunately this was the last time Cameron would direct a film in the Terminator franchise and it has hurt each subsequent films greatly. He set the standard for cybernetic organisms and left on a high note. I could be wrong but I think he gave the franchise to Linda Hamilton after their divorce. The rights revert back to Cameron in 2019, I won’t hold my breath but could you imagine? At that time he should be finished with his Avatar franchise and could slip back into the franchise that put him on the map…everyone please cross your fingers. Cameron took a little step back, not in production and not saying the movie isn’t good, it is, it’s real fun, just the scale of it doesn’t match his other films in my opinion. The movie that I’m talking about is True Lies, another film starring Arnold. It’s a very fun spy movie and we have been teased for years with a second installment.

in 1997, Cameron released the Titanic, it broke all sorts of box office records and women loved it, that’s as much as I know since I haven’t watched it and don’t think I will…too much romance for this alpha male. Over the next decade Cameron stayed away from blockbuster theatrical releases and created a few documentaries, a television series, a Universal Studios theme park attraction for T2 3-D: Battle Across Time which was amazing by the way. When Cameron made his triumphant return to cinema he did so with the groundbreaking, genre defining, 3D improving and awe inspiring 2009 Avatar. This film took viewers to a different world, a moon actually and unlike his dark and gritty films Avatar is the exact opposite. It’s filled with light, it’s filled with hope and morals. Everything about this film is beautiful, from the spaceships solar panels to the jungles of Pandora. This was really the first movie that utilized 3D properly and I believe that Cameron had technology created specifically to make the 3D impressive. So impressive that almost every movie created afterwards use his tech and force 3D on movies that don’t always need it…Thanks Jim. Avatar smashed all records previously broken by his last film the Titanic and this reviewer thanks him for the three sequels this movie is spawning as we speak. Will each subsequent film break it’s predecessors records or will the general audience grow weary of Avatar? Keep an eye on 2017 when Avatar 2 is released in theatres.

Thank you for reading my fluff piece on the technical marvel that is James Francis Cameron, I hope you have enjoyed this series of articles as much as I have writing them and i’ll cya next time…Brandon “Thunder Lips” Taylor.

Movie of the Year: Predator 1987

Here we bring you episode seven of our weekly “Best of the Year” series​. Today we are talking about 1987’s Predator starring the world’s greatest action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Director: John McTiernan
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves, Shane Black, Kevin Peter Hall
Writers: Jim Thomas, John Thomas
Budget: $18 000 000
Worldwide Gross: $94 605 000
Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror

An elite commando team gets called into South American jungles by the CIA to rescue a Cabinet Minister who is being held hostage by gorilla fighters after his helicopter crashed behind enemy lines. It’s not long after when Major “Dutch” Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) finds out that they have been sent in under false pretenses. Things get worse as Dutch and his team are being hunted by a trophy hunting Alien.

Predator in my opinion gave a lot of inspiration to 2010’s The Expendables in which a group of impossibly masculine and musclebound men work together to take down a common threat. In fact I think a movie with a Predator hunting down the Expendables with Stallone and Schwarzenegger being the last men standing would be pretty rad. It could be a cool way to kill off some of the less interesting characters (Couture, Statham) cough, cough but I digress.

Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally cast as the Predator it reportedly got fired because he complained too much about the films original alien suit which was apparently a large insect until Schwarzenegger got Stan Winston involved. This was also former pro wrestler and future Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura’s first movie and he was a highlight for me. I wonder if any other movie could claim to have two Governors cast as main characters? Shane Black, Director of Iron Man 3 was cast for his writing skills in case changes needed to be made to the script in the middle of the Mexican Jungle.

The movie was well acted, especially by Bill Duke adding his whispering which gave a sense of seriousness to his character. After watching the first four Rocky movies it was nice seeing Carl Weathers who was great as always and had a cool interaction with Schwarzenegger early in the movie but unfortunately that was really it. All they did was establish a little bit of history between the two but didn’t delve into it any further which was a missed opportunity to have these over the top characters really play off of each other.

There was some cool special effects in the movie, in particular the way they made the Predator turn invisible was outstanding at the time, he did fall very slowly however, somehow defying our planet’s gravity. The use of green glow stick juice as alien blood was a good choice, it made it feel completely not from this world.

With all of the gunfire and explosions in the movie my favourite part is when Schwarzenegger goes all primitive on the Predator, where in the third act he prepared pit falls and booby traps that would make an Ewok jealous. I think it would have been more of an impact had Schwarzenegger killed the alien with his bare hands as I found it’s death to be pretty anticlimactic but what do I know really? They could have turned this movie into a classic Arnold action flick and have him spitting out one liners and flexing people to death but very much like 1984’s The Terminator the director utilized Schwarzenegger’s strengths and kept this as realistic as possible.

​Isn’t tonight a great night to watch Predator? 1987 was a great year for movies as it was hard to pick just one. The Running Man, RoboCop and Planes, Trains & Automobiles all would have been great choices as well. Thanks to for fun facts about the movie and for more specific information about every movie!

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 2003

Director: Jonathan Mostow
Writers: John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris, Tedi Sarafian
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Kristanna Loken, Claire Danes
Budget: $170 000 000
​Worldwide gross: $433 000 000
Genre: Science Fiction

A cybernetic warrior from a post-apocalyptic future travels back in time to protect a 19-year old drifter and his future wife from a most advanced robotic assassin and to ensure they both survive a nuclear attack.

James Francis Cameron was originally asked to direct Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines but declined since he thought he told the complete story with 1984’s The Terminator and 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Cameron being absent from this film was noticeable from the start as Mostow couldn’t match his ingenuity or give the film the heavy tones seen in the previous two films. If I were to describe Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines with one word it would be myopic, that’s not saying it’s a bad movie…far from it, it’s fun, really fun eye candy but it doesn’t break new grounds, it wasn’t inspiring and other then Schwarzenegger the casting really bummed me out. Linda Hamilton was offered a throwaway roll and because of that she declined. Why on earth they would write Hamilton as mostly a meaningless character is beyond me, when you get an actor of her pedigree, and a multi-layered character fleshed out and amazingly fantastic as Sarah Connor you don’t just kill her off unceremoniously you knuckleheads!

The future scenes were really cool, some of the best in the franchise actually but they were missing that tank tracked Hunter Killer which was a drag because that think is awesome looking. Yet another thing that differentiates this film from the others in the series is that it mostly takes place during the day. Driving down the long road while trying to escape a heartless killing machine at night gave it so much atmosphere which Terminator 3 sorely lacks. what Terminator 3 does have is a naked Schwarzenegger walking into a strip club, talking to someone’s hand, wearing sparkling Elton John sunglasses and driving down a street and hitting a bouncy house that makes a cartoonish BOING, BOING noise which didn’t fit the franchise at all.

Don’t get it twisted, I do enjoy this movie and I watch it maybe once a year. Had Schwarzenegger also opted out of this then that might be a different story but he showed up…to an unprecedented thirty million dollars and twenty percent of the backend on almost everything which allowed him to leave as an extremely rich man raver then a very rich man. There was also really cool special effects, nothing really ground breaking or that memorable but there was lots and they were cool. Stan Winston was back as well and had created much of the movies practical effects. In particular the T-1’s were my favourite things in the movie and especially when Schwarzenegger twisted the head and ripped the gatling gun off of one while shooting another with it! Such a boss. I also enjoyed the ending a lot and don’t worry…I won’t spoil a twelve year old movie.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure, but only if you have seen the previous two and don’t have high expectations and are just looking for simple entertainment. Terminator 2: Judgment Day has always been my favourite movie ever since I saw it in theatres, I can’t remember how many times I have watched it and I have owned pretty much every version of it released on VHS, DVD and Bluray, I couldn’t wait for Terminator 3 and to this day that is the most anxious and excited I have been towards a movie and it bummed me out…big time but that could just have been from all the praise I gave it’s predecessors.

Thanks for reading, check this movie out if you’re bored and hungry for some popcorn…Brandon “Thunder Lips” Taylor.

Strung out – Transmission Alpha Delta: 2015

Vocals – Jason Cruz
Guitar, Vocals – Rob Ramos
Guitar – Jake Kiley
Bass – Chris Aiken
Drums – Jordan Burns
Produced by Kyle Black and Devon Corey

Transmission Alpha Delta, Strung Out’s eighth studio album is the album long time fans have been waiting for. It’s heavy, catchy and has songs reminiscent from every era of the band. Cruz’s vocals sound great as usual, his poetic lyrics coming through with the intricate guitar rifts flow better than ever. Chris Aiken on bass holds the album together with his deep melodies and Jordan is just giviner on the drums as always. Strung out has always held a special place in my heart, as they are one of the first punk bands I started listening to as a kid. Their progression from album to album is part of the reason I listen to metal now, and I’m pretty sure they are the reason I’m so good at the air guitar. Jason, Rob, and Jake have been in the band from the beginning, their progression and creativity are a big part of how this band has not only stayed relevant in the punk scene but has also kept such a unique and awesome sound. Starting out in Simi Valley, California in 1989 they were one of the first bands signed to Fat Wreck Chords and have remained loyal for their entire career. And why not? They seem to be able to do what they want, and what they want is working.

Like most of their albums, Transmission Alpha Delta gives you a nice intro before kicking into the melodic rifts and guitar solo that is Rats in The Walls. This is the kind of song you’ve been hearing on their previous releases and hope to hear on many more to come. It’s fast and catchy, every member is contributing to the ear-gasm you’ll experience. The first time I gave this album a listen to, The Animal and The Machine was the song that caught me. I’m not sure if it was the cool low pitch opening rift or the super catchy break down, but this song was on my mind for days. It sounds like Jordan throws down his drum sticks at the end and says “I’m going home”. Black maps is another song that will grab you right away and if Exile in Oblivion was your favourite album before, then this song might put this album on your do not remove list. Nowheresville. Long time Strung Out fans will instantly get a nostalgic smile on their face while hearing this song and thinking about all of the shenanigans that were enjoyed while listening to Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues as an unruly teen. The album takes a darker tone with Go It Alone and is one of the few songs that Cruz does his signature yelling. The album leaves you with Westcoasttrendkill, which I’m not even sure what that means, but damn it’s a great song. The constant tempo changes with Jake and Rob almost dueling guitars make this a perfect track to end the album with.

Strung Out didn’t change it up on this album like they normally do, but instead gave the fans an album full amazing songs that bring out the best of all their previous efforts. Transmission Alpha Delta is the perfect blend of bouncy pop-punk and intricate metal. I honestly could have written something about every song on the 12 track, 43 minute album. Every song is well written and has a presence of it’s own. I do miss the days of Jason yelling more like on Twisted by Design, but I’ll take the clean vocals he’s been doing so well with. This is the first album I’ve givin the full 5 stars, and that’s because this is the kind of album I’m looking for every time I put my headphones on. Every song is great and adds something to the album, every member has something to give. My favourite song without a doubt is Nowheresville. It was just so awesome to hear Strung Out release a new song in their old style. Here’s hoping this is not their final album.

Movie of the Year: Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1987

Director: Robert Zemeckis
Starring: Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Charles Fleischer
Writers: Gary K. Wolf, Jeffrey Price, Peter S. Seaman
Budget: $70 000 000
Worldwide Gross: $350 000 000
Genre: Crime/Comedy

Hey guys, sorry I’m a little late. I had a hell of a time picking a movie that was my favourite of 1988…not because I was overwhelmed with great choices, quite the opposite. It came down to three, Beetlejuice, Twins, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I’m sure most people who will read this would prefer Beetlejuice or Twins and admittedly I would prefer Twins nowadays as an adult but as a kid I couldn’t get enough of Roger Rabbit and Beetlejuice always kinda creeped me out.

Down on his luck private eye Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) gets hired to investigate the potential adultery of Jessica Rabbit, the sultry wife of Roger Rabbit (Charles Fleischer). But when the owner of Toontown, Jessica’s alleged lover Marvin Acme, is found murdered, the villainous Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) vows to catch and destroy Roger.

With a budget of $70 million, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was the most expensive film produced in the 1980’s which is really crazy when you think about other movies that were released in the 80’s like Aliens (1986), Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983). One hundred percent Roger Rabbi can’t compare with those previously mentioned movies scope or special effects but from what I read it was very difficult adding the animation so seamlessly to a predominately live action movie. The budget was crazy for the time and was the most expensive animated movie at it’s time of release but it was so well received that it ushered in Disney’s renaissance era of animated films.

​ Bob Hoskins added so much clout to a movie that was really lacking stars. He acted his butt off and it showed, with all of the cartoons on the screen he wasn’t overshadowed and was able to capture most scenes he was in…sometimes he was chewing the scenery but for a movie like this it’s almost called for. Eddie Murphy was also asked to play Valiant but turned it down for whatever reason, it’s a decision that he would end up regretting once he saw the finished product. I guess that would be a hard sell asking a comedian and up and coming actor to act across from cartoon characters, one can’t really blame him for declining and as perfect of a role it seems to be for him in hindsight i’m glad Bob Hoskins ​got the job.

I believe it was the first time and perhaps the last time Disney and a Warner Bros characters appeared on the same screen together. With Disney paying a portion of the movie WB was concerned that Disney’s Toons would be getting the majority of the screen time so in the contract they had drawn up required equal amounts of screen time between Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny as well as Donald and Daffy Duck. Imagine how rad it could potentially be if something like this was done today…Batman and Captain America, Superman and Hulk. DC wins…fact 😛

There are some very adult situations, not to mention how sexy Jessica Rabbit was drawn and how animated her breasts are it’s not a wonder how a young me enjoyed the movie. Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom was pretty scary and creepy and the way he would kill Toons was very disturbing also the way he met his maker forced to me not so bravely look away haha. His weasel henchmen were I think my favourite characters of this film, I don’t know how many times I drew them on my desk at school.

Do I recommend it? I suppose, if you don’t have much else to watch or were always curious about it give it a shot, but now almost thirty years later there isn’t really much left here. Unfortunately it doesn’t stand the test of time very well.