Strung out – Transmission Alpha Delta: 2015

Vocals – Jason Cruz
Guitar, Vocals – Rob Ramos
Guitar – Jake Kiley
Bass – Chris Aiken
Drums – Jordan Burns
Produced by Kyle Black and Devon Corey

Transmission Alpha Delta, Strung Out’s eighth studio album is the album long time fans have been waiting for. It’s heavy, catchy and has songs reminiscent from every era of the band. Cruz’s vocals sound great as usual, his poetic lyrics coming through with the intricate guitar rifts flow better than ever. Chris Aiken on bass holds the album together with his deep melodies and Jordan is just giviner on the drums as always. Strung out has always held a special place in my heart, as they are one of the first punk bands I started listening to as a kid. Their progression from album to album is part of the reason I listen to metal now, and I’m pretty sure they are the reason I’m so good at the air guitar. Jason, Rob, and Jake have been in the band from the beginning, their progression and creativity are a big part of how this band has not only stayed relevant in the punk scene but has also kept such a unique and awesome sound. Starting out in Simi Valley, California in 1989 they were one of the first bands signed to Fat Wreck Chords and have remained loyal for their entire career. And why not? They seem to be able to do what they want, and what they want is working.

Like most of their albums, Transmission Alpha Delta gives you a nice intro before kicking into the melodic rifts and guitar solo that is Rats in The Walls. This is the kind of song you’ve been hearing on their previous releases and hope to hear on many more to come. It’s fast and catchy, every member is contributing to the ear-gasm you’ll experience. The first time I gave this album a listen to, The Animal and The Machine was the song that caught me. I’m not sure if it was the cool low pitch opening rift or the super catchy break down, but this song was on my mind for days. It sounds like Jordan throws down his drum sticks at the end and says “I’m going home”. Black maps is another song that will grab you right away and if Exile in Oblivion was your favourite album before, then this song might put this album on your do not remove list. Nowheresville. Long time Strung Out fans will instantly get a nostalgic smile on their face while hearing this song and thinking about all of the shenanigans that were enjoyed while listening to Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues as an unruly teen. The album takes a darker tone with Go It Alone and is one of the few songs that Cruz does his signature yelling. The album leaves you with Westcoasttrendkill, which I’m not even sure what that means, but damn it’s a great song. The constant tempo changes with Jake and Rob almost dueling guitars make this a perfect track to end the album with.

Strung Out didn’t change it up on this album like they normally do, but instead gave the fans an album full amazing songs that bring out the best of all their previous efforts. Transmission Alpha Delta is the perfect blend of bouncy pop-punk and intricate metal. I honestly could have written something about every song on the 12 track, 43 minute album. Every song is well written and has a presence of it’s own. I do miss the days of Jason yelling more like on Twisted by Design, but I’ll take the clean vocals he’s been doing so well with. This is the first album I’ve givin the full 5 stars, and that’s because this is the kind of album I’m looking for every time I put my headphones on. Every song is great and adds something to the album, every member has something to give. My favourite song without a doubt is Nowheresville. It was just so awesome to hear Strung Out release a new song in their old style. Here’s hoping this is not their final album.