Terminator Genisys

Director: Alan Taylor

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jai Courtney, Emelia Clarke, Jason Clarke

Writers: Laeta Kalogridis, Patrick Lussier

Budget: $155 000 000 (estimated)

Worldwide Gross: $318 181 000

Set after, before and during the events of 1984’s Terminator, once again John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reece (Jai Courtney) back in time to save Sarah Connor (Emelia Clarke) from the Terminator that was sent back to kill her.  Only this time, everything’s different.

Alan Taylor had an unenviable task of bringing a franchise back to life after two poorly received sequels in Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation.  And much like how Bryan Singer used time travel in X-Men: Days of Future Past to give the series a soft reboot and a does of vitality.

Arnold comes back to the series and brings his unique charisma and charm and is for sure the movies highlights as he steals whatever scene he is in.  Emelia Clarke plays a great Sarah Connor and in some scenes bares a striking resemblance to Linda Hamilton as well as sounding very similar to her.  The only thing she is missing is the teased hair from the 80’s.  Jason Clarke is serviceable as John Connor but it would have been nice to have Michael Bhien as an older John, that way he would have a similar appearance to his father.  Jai Courtney, a strapping muscular man didn’t resemble the Michael Bhien’s Kyle Reese who is a malnourished, battle scarred scavenger with post traumatic stress disorder.  Thats not to say we don’t like Jai Courtney, he was great in Jack Reacher, just miscast in this movie we feel.

The movie did suffer from a few setbacks as the promotional images from Entertainment Weekly ( www.ew.com ) were rather goofy having the actors in “dramatic poses” yelling at nothing holding nerf guns.  The trailers also gave too much of the story away, reveling the main villain as well as key plot points wasn’t the best way to go.

The special effects were quite cool, the T-3000 was pretty gnarly the way he could shift and reform.  Arnold’s Terminator was an awesome dichotomy of a killing machine who could rip doors off their hinges, hurl heavy object through the air and yet have to pop his knee back in and have his joints lock up.  Arnold’s aged appearance was explained well, having him being sent further back in time to defend Sarah as a child and as time went by his human flesh aged and his endo-skeleton ran into mechanical failures.  

My favourite part of the film was the one for one recreation of 1984’s Terminator, seeing a young pumped up arnold in a 2015 summer blockbuster was pretty cool.  I wish they would have put a younger version of Bill Paxton in the film instead of recasting the part…I mean if they could do it for the dump truck driver why not?  The future battle between the human resistance and Skynet was also pretty rad, seeing the humans penned up in worker camps, platoons of terminators, and new Hunter Killers was awesome for the child that grew up with the first two Terminators.

this movie is highly recommended, it sets up a new franchise nicely and you don’t have to watch Terminator 3 or Salvation to understand this one! (We do like Salvation shhhh)

So this is my second time writing this review…I have no idea what happened but somehow yesterdays X-Men Days of Futures Past review was showing above this and 3/4 of my Terminator review was lost.  Sorry for the confusion, thanks for reading…Brandon