Tips on How to Improve in Call of Duty Black Ops


  • Keep an eye on the radar.
  • If you already know the location of a person and he’s around a corner, make an effort to jump as you come around the corner to throw off his aim.
  • Try crouching while you move, as it will not make any noise when you crouch.
  • Aim for the head. * Practicing with the players online is the best way to get better (some people are just amazing on the game).
  • Try running and gunning (hence RnG, run and gun).
  • If fighting with the enemy and the two of you have sniper rifles, attempt zooming in quick and try to hit him. This trick is a matter of speed and practice.
  • When moving, use a zig-zag pattern. This is a top notch way to throw off snipers if you are in the open.
  • Try to get on top of buildings (e.g. POW camp) and snipe.
  • Stay in the dark (in buildings) so you have a lower chance of getting seen.
  • It may be possible to kill a competitor with machine gun when you’re using a sniper at the hip. Just remember accuracy will be very low, so try to aim for the chest.
  • Plant Bouncing Betties on stairs or any ways enemies can come in and hit you from the back
  • Though you may not use the three-round-burst gun, use 2-4 round bursts if you are shooting a distant target. This will keep recoil low and conserve ammo.
  • Know the range of your gun, and only fire if you know the enemy is within it.
  • If you see a dot on your radar around a corner, ricochet a flashbang or stun grenade around the corner to catch them prior to deciding to rush. If you don’t get a hit marker, proceed with caution.
  • Learn to circle-strafe. It’ll make you very hard to hit, especially against people who count on short-range weapons like shotguns and knives.